Burlington T&T offers four different streams of tumbling classes.

The Tumbling program is ideal for any child looking to build a solid base and compliment skills required in Dance and Cheerleading. We make use of our trampolines and tumble track to build each child’s skills in a fun, engaging and safe environment.

New to the Facility?

Please contact the office at 905-634-0310 to set up an evaluation.

This program is designed to teach the basic skills required for the competitive discipline.

The focus will be on developing body coordination, posture and kinesthetic awareness. Training groups are based on age, ability and potential.

Entry Requirements: Athletes will be assessed by our coaches and placed in a group that best suits their ability and potential.

Stream Program Age Range Estimated Hours/Week
Tumbling Pre-competitive 5 to 7 years of age 4-6 hours
Tumbling Interclub 8 years of age  and older 4-6 hours

These competitive programs are designed for athletes that meet a Provincial level standard or National level standard.

A certain competency and skill level is required to enter either stream.

Entry Requirements: Athletes normally enter this program from the pre-competitive stream and are placed in a level based on their abilities.

Stream Program Age Range Estimated Hours/Week
National Power Tumbling 9 years of age and older 6-6.5 hours
Provincial Power Tumbling 9 years of age and older 6-6.5 hours

Competitions:   usually 3 per season.

Commitment Level:    12 months from June to May.  Schedule changes may occur in the summer and due to holidays and competitions.


If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 905-634-0310 or online.