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Burlington T&T Athlete – Kieran Lupish lands gold in Double Mini-Trampoline (DMT) at World Championships in Tokyo

When Kieran Lupish landed his final pass in double mini-trampoline at the 2019 World Age Group Championships in Tokyo, he knew he had just earned himself a medal.

Everything leading up to his final pass, however, was far from perfect.

“I was having a really bad warmup on the pass. I was falling, and I couldn’t land it,” said the 16-year-old from Vineland, who added that athletes warm up in a separate gym before performing on the main stage.

When he entered the main gymnasium, he was told to wait a couple of minutes because the organizers were figuring something out. He eventually got the go-ahead to perform his final pass.

“When I landed and stuck it, I instantly thought I medalled,” said Lupish. “It was the craziest feeling.”

From there it was a waiting game. He came into the championships ranked fourth in the age group of 15 and 16, and performances are done in reverse order based on the rankings from the qualifying tournament.

After his pass, the three athletes ranked ahead of him still had a chance to outscore him.

“I saw the first kid land and thought, ‘That wasn’t the score that was going to beat me.'” he said.

He then watched the final two athletes perform.

“The last kid who went is really good and, when I saw him land, I was just waiting for the score to pop up,” said Lupish.

With his family watching from the stands, he looked up at the scoreboard and saw “second” next to the name of the No. 1 athlete.

“I was like, there’s no way this happened,” Lupish recalled. “I just remember my coach grabbing my shoulder and going, ‘World champ, buddy!'”

It was Lupish’s third time participating at the world championships for Canada. He fell short of the podium at the first two.

Five years ago, Lupish never thought he would be performing at the world championships in trampoline. He initially got into gymnastics and eventually became a high-level gymnast until he hurt his shoulder, which caused problems in a lot of events.

“I ended up getting bored with the sport since I couldn’t do much, so I ended up quitting,” he said.

Introduced to trampolining through his mother’s friend’s daughter, he decided to give it a chance. In just two years of the sport he was performing at the world stage, finishing fourth in double mini-trampoline at his first world championships.

What was the coolest thing about finishing first?

“Normally, when you come third or second, they don’t play your national anthem,” said Lupish. “They played the national anthem, and I just wanted to get up on the podium so badly I actually stepped up a little earlier than I was supposed to.”

He was one of four Canadians who participated in more than one event at the World Age Group Championships. He also performed in synchronized trampoline, but he and his partner from British Columbia had never practised together before executing their routine in front of the judges.

The next goal for Lupish is moving up from Canada’s junior double mini-trampoline team to the senior level when he turns 17. He said this year will be about gaining experience, and then he’ll aim for it all.

“If you win at the senior world championships, you’re the best in the world. Period,” he said.

Double mini-trampoline isn’t an Olympic sport, but it is something people in the field are pushing for since trampolining is part of the world’s biggest sporting event. If it becomes possible, Lupish hopes to represent Canada in 2024 or 2028.


T&T Training Clinic 6 – TUM L3+ & DMT L4+ – Dec 14-15, 2019

On December 14th & 15th, Gymnastics Ontario’s largest T&T Training Clinic of the season was held at Burlington Trampoline & Tumbling!

This combined Tumbling and Double-Mini Trampoline clinic hosted 66 athletes, 13 coaches, and 11 clinicians over 2 days (December 14-15, 2019).  Our amazing clinicians provided opportunities to work on skill technique, new skill development, mental training, injury prevention, yoga, and more!


Thank you to everyone who made this clinic a success!!!  Our clinicians, athletes, coaches, and TUM and DMT Coaching Chairpersons!

Interclub program for trampoline & tumbling in Burlington

T&T’s Interclub program builds skills & confidence

All she wants to do these days is bounce and we shouldn’t be surprised. As a baby, she cried when we put her in the swing or the Exersaucer, but would squeal with delight-—her chubby little legs springing up and down—as she bounced in her Jolly Jumper. Despite her love of bouncing, we lived in a semi-detached house in Bloor West Village in Toronto, with a postage-stamp sized back yard that could barely accommodate a sandbox, let alone an outdoor trampoline.

But then we moved out of the city and into a house with a larger yard, and lucky for us, our neighbours were getting rid of their trampoline. It was a beast to move—it had to be rolled across the road, and required a lot of muscle and patience to get the springs in place—and we had some initial regrets…until our daughter jumped the first time, and her face lit up the way it had when she was a baby in that Jolly Jumper. That was in the late summer, and soon school was back in session. But every day after school she’d be out there, sometimes with friends, sometimes with her daddy, jumping until it got dark. Even as the weather changed she’d be out there—in mittens and a hat, with her winter coat.

At the same time, we were searching for an activity to build her strength and burn energy and had tried a few sports she enjoyed but nothing had quite stuck. I remembered our neighbour had done trampoline training at a gym called The Burlington T&T and called to find out about their programs. We expected she’d try the recreational program first, but because she’d been jumping (and jumping, and jumping…) for a few months, she had mastered some skills on her own. Like a front tuck. And a back tuck with her Dad’s helping hand.

TnT was holding tryouts for their Interclub program, which focuses on developing body coordination, posture and kinesthetic awareness, while also gently introducing athletes to competition. Our daughter was excited and determined to learn what she needed to for a successful tryout, and so we spent another few days on our trampoline as she worked on her skills. Teresa Mikola—the head trampoline and tumbling coach—ran the tryout and was encouraging, enthusiastic and offered the push our daughter needed to attempt skills she was capable of but hesitant to try. Our daughter has been bouncing as an Interclub athlete for six months now and is always excited for trampoline training nights. Along with the skilled, dedicated coaching, the athletes also benefit from conditioning one night a week with a trainer. No question she’s a stronger and more confident athlete as a result!

Burlington Trampoline and Tumbling is offering tryouts for next season’s Interclub program (which trains 4 hours per week) on Monday, May 27th. “The inter-club program is a great way to get introduced to the competitive sport of trampoline and tumbling without the pressure of competition because our focus is on learning and enjoying the challenge of competition,” Mikola says, explaining competition is about more than a medal or ribbon. “We’d like them to meet athletes from other clubs with whom they can progress through their competitive careers, learn from their mistakes as well as their successes, and develop work ethic in reaching their goals.”

For more information about TnT’s Interclub program (or other trampoline and tumbling programs), please contact the club or stop by to visit the facility.

Trampoline & Tumbling Place in Burlington, Hamilton


Congratulations to all the athletes who competed at the 1st Ontario Cup for Trampoline and Tumbling!!! The 3-day event took place in Oshawa, Ontario from February 8-10.

This was the first Ontario Cup of the season and the FIRST provincial level competition for many of the athletes as well!! There were 10 new athletes in tumbling, 10 new athletes in trampoline and 10 new athletes in double mini-trampoline. Head coach Teresa Mikola says she’s never sure how new athletes will react to a provincial level competition but was impressed by the effort put forth by all.

Overall, the team had some great results, with many athletes placing in the top 8.

On Day 1, the TnT’s kicked off the competition with some medals in Synchronized Trampoline. Nicholas U. and Maksim S. took silver for their performance in Level 3 competition. Carter W. and Ma’Ayan K. teamed up in Level 2 competition and came away with 8th place.

More medals were won in Trampoline! Ma’Ayan K. took home a gold medal and Maia B. came away with a bronze medal in Level 2 trampoline. Vince G., Carter W. and Jayden R-C were 4th, 5th and 8th in Level 2 men’s 13 and under, while Nicholas U. took 6th in Level 3 and Matthew D. was 7th in his Level 2 age group. James B. just missed the podium in 9th. Hanna W. earned a silver medal in Level 5 women’s while Chris U. also took home a silver in Level 5 men’s. Sienna G. and Hannah P. just missed the medals in 4th place in Level 2 and Level 4 respectively.

On the Double Mini Trampoline, the TnT’s earned several gold medals! Ma’Ayan K. nabbed the gold in Level 2 competition, while James B. and Hanna W. won gold in Level 1 and Level 6, respectively. Sydni B. took bronze in Level 3, and Vince G., Carter W. and Jayden R-C was 5th, 6th and 7th in Level 2 men’s. Josie J. and Tiana C. were 6th and 7th in Level 4 women’s, while Maia B., earned her 2nd bronze of the competition for her efforts in Level 2. Finally, Nicholas U. and Maksim S. were 4th and 5th in Level 3 competition while Sienna G. and Olivia D. were also 4th and 5th in Level 1 competition.

In Tumbling, Ema B. took home a silver medal while new teammate Julianna was 4th in a large field of Level 4 competitors. Both Victoria and Ma’Ayan were 5th in the Level 1 and Level 2 respective levels. Olivia B. and Andrew G. just missed medals in 4th place for Level 3 and Level 1 respectively, while Maksim S. placed in 7th.

Another big “first” for the TnT: our Muslim trampoline and tumbling athletes were the first to compete at an Ontario Cup!! Way to go!

Finally, a special CONGRATULATIONS to Ema B for hitting the mobility score her first time out as a Level 4 and becoming TnT’s newest national athlete!!

Overall it was a great 1st Cup…can’t wait for the 2nd Cup in Niagara Falls in March….stay tuned!

Trampoline Competition Hamilton, BurlingtonGymnastics Competition Hamilton, BurlingtonDouble MiniTrampoline Hamilton

Trampoline & Tumbling Athletes

our Muslim trampoline and tumbling athletes were the first to compete at an Ontario Cup!! Way to go!

Ninja gymnastics burlington

Tips to Focus Your Child’s Energy

Focusing the energy of an energetic child can seem like a full-time job. They won’t sit still. Always fidgeting. Constant movement and sometimes a lack of focus. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, it can be focused into lessons that are both effective and fun.

Here are some entertaining activities to help your child focus that energy:

1. Participate In Sports
Physical activity is essential for a child. In fact, it’s recommended that children receive 60 minutes of physical activity per day. Playing organized sports – in a team or individual setting – is a fun way to get that physical activity while building social skills. Individual sports like martial arts, tennis, swimming and running can harness energy, as can team sports such as basketball, football and soccer.

2. Take Dancing, Acting or Singing Lessons
If your child is interested, learning an instrument or becoming active in drama can be excellent activities. They serve as an energy outlet while requiring focus, coordination and study.

3. Have Some Social Time
Playing games with both family and friends can instill some skills such as patience, focus, strategy and taking turns. Board games and non-competitive, cooperative games work well.

4. Set Up Obstacle Courses
Setting up an obstacle course around the house or yard can burn some energy while also fostering creativity. Use the items in your house to create the course. Building an obstacle course and then timing your children as they race through it can be fun for hours!

5. Wrestling
Whether its jumping on mom or dad or playfully wrestling whether it’s appropriate or not, kids like a little roughhousing and there are plenty of benefits as well. If available, there are also many benefits to organized wrestling.


Even if it’s not a matter of focusing excess energy in your child, it’s clearly beneficial to encourage your child to participate in physical activity.

  • Physical activity can increase cognitive development
  • Physical fitness leads to lower rates of obesity
  • Development of a broad array of sensory skills
  • Regular exercise promotes positive self-image and emotional response
  • Active children become active and healthy adults

All of this may seem like a lot, but it isn’t. Luckily, there’s a place where you can have your child focus excess energy while sharpening discipline and skill. There’s also a benefit of getting out of the house and exercising and socializing with other kids.

At one of more than 240 NinjaZone locations, your energetic child can improve discipline and mental and physical skills while focusing their energy on something fun.

The Ninja Sport is growing. Your child can focus energy in a positive and constructive way – without it seeming like a chore. Your child can build healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

Here’s a brief description of each Ninja Sport’s level and emphasis:

  • Lil’ Ninja Program
    For children ages 3-5, beginners are introduced to an age-appropriate mix of gymnastics, martial arts and obstacle training concepts. Listening, confidence and exploration are emphasized.
  • Ninja Training
    For children ages 5-11, our Ninja Training program teaches a series of safe flips, rolls, kicks and jumps. Bone- and muscle-strengthening exercises are emphasized.
  • Ninja Girls
    For children ages 5-11, our progressive system teaches a series of safe flips, rolls, jumps and kicks. Strength and agility are emphasized.

Don’t be worried about entertaining a child with endless energy. Use that energy for good. Find your local NinjaZone and provide your child with the aerobic and strength-building activity to focus their energy in a healthy, confident and creative way.

ninja gymnastics hamilton

Staying Active in a Screen-Obsessed World

2018 is a challenging time for raising healthy children. The ongoing epidemic of obesity in America makes physical activity even more important. However, an increasing dependence on television, computer and tablets make consistent exercise even more difficult. Those challenges combined with decreasing self esteem have seemingly endless hurdles to children’s health. So what’s a parent to do? Here are some of the biggest challenges to raising healthy children in the modern world and how to combat them.

It seems simple, but healthy eating is a challenge to teach. It’s a routine you need to hone in on early by stressing the importance of fruits and vegetables and making them a major component of meal time. However, colorful and loud advertising for processed junk food will jockey for your child’s attention and your hard-earned dollars. When your child is having a meltdown in the grocery store over prepackaged snacks it can be hard to stay strong. But building in healthier snacks (like these) can help keep your kids satisfied and healthy. Creating healthy habits early such as building a family meal plan together and modeling healthy choices in your own food selections will aid in raising kids with a passion for healthy foods.

As a society, we are obsessed with screens. Cell phones, television, video games and social media all demand our attention. A large number of professionals spend 8 hours a day sitting at their desks. All this time spent sitting has been shown to be a huge hazard to health and it’s reaching outside the office into our homes as well. Youth sport can be a great way to combat this sedentary surge and build healthy lifestyles for our children. Whether that means a basketball league or a dance class, building athletic habits will benefit your child’s future. Ninja sports can be a great alternative for children less interested in traditional sports. They still get your kids moving and develop the athleticism and mindset that are so important for future health and success.

Numerous studies have shown that Facebook can be harmful to your self esteem – that effect can be magnified in youngsters due to cyberbullying, the confusion of growing up, and fundamental misunderstandings of what social media is. If your kids are on any social media site, it is essential you help teach them that people do not share a true representation of what their life is like. Social media is ultimately performative, and many young people take those performances at face value. You can help your children by talking with them about these issues and helping them maintain a realistic expectation of reality. You can also help show them how arts, physical activity or completing challenging tasks can help build self esteem. The unique challenges of Ninja sports make them a great option for building confidence within your children.

Ninja Gymnastics Burlington, Hamilton

Activity To Strengthen Mind And Body


Scholarly research in recent years found physical activity in children is associated with increased self-concept and self-worth. Putting children in activities to improve their health also improved their mind and how they view themselves in the world.

As parents, isn’t that what we all want?

The part many parents miss is how to present these physical activities. Should we place our 5-year-old in competitive settings with 8-year-olds to build “toughness?” Should be spent tens of thousands of dollars traveling the country so we can say our child plays “travel ball?”

Breaking the bank and arguing with coaches in the name of competition is all too common. What parents should strive for is a healthy, fun way for children to exercise, learn new skills and develop as a person both physically and mentally. This developmental focus is what NinjaZone offers children from the time they can walk until age 11.

Improved Sense Of Self

Self-esteem is defined as a person’s subjective evaluation of self. Simply, it’s what we think of ourselves. It’s important to build this within children because what they think about themselves and their potential will have a lasting effect.

Successful interactions with peers and adults and healthy physical activity can help build self-esteem in children. Think about all the fun you had playing as a child. What you don’t always remember are the skills and successes from those simple times and what they mean for you today.

New Skills, New Confidence

When your child masters a new skill or completes a project, they develop confidence and self-esteem. Pride in accomplishment and overcoming obstacles is something we carry all our lives.

Building Strong Bones And Muscles

A healthy lifestyle can also help your child’s self-assessment. By building stronger bones and muscles and improving motor skills and coordination, your child will see greater potential than ever before.

Escape the pressure and overwhelming nature of pushing your child into sports they don’t enjoy. And if they do love playing sports, they can find more of what will help them succeed at NinjaZone.

NinjaZone classes help children build their mind, as well as their body. At NinjaZone, your child finds the benefits of a physically active lifestyle while also having fun and becoming more disciplined, focused at the same time.

Find a location near you today and watch your child build his or her mind and body in a healthy way!m

Ninja gymnastics training for trampoline hamilton

Getting The Most Out Of Your Child’s Summer Energy


Whether your child goes to year-round school or has a traditional schedule with 8 weeks off, summer is the time for kids to be kids. If they’re out of school, children are running around and it seems like they’re bouncing off the walls. There are ways to channel that energy into productivity, while still allowing kids the fun that make summertime memorable.

Ultimately, what do we want our children to get out of their summers? Fun and exercise come to mind. What about those combined with a sense of accomplishment, confidence and structure?

At NinjaZone, we run classes for children of all ages to learn discipline and focus their energy all while having fun! Children participate at their own pace – within a proven structure – and after a few classes the summer turns into a showcase for marked improvement that your child will love.

Here are some benefits of the programs that will make your child’s summer worthwhile for all the right reasons:

Harnessed Energy

If you notice your child’s energy seems endless – the product of a restless summer – our structured yet physically engaging programs will make the best use of that energy.

Increased Confidence

Activity, learning and accomplishment all lead to increases in confidence. By staying active and learning new skills, your child’s confidence will soar. By learning at his or her own pace, you will see newfound resiliency and determination that will cross over into other parts of your child’s life.

Improved Athletic Skills

Ninjas don’t have to be athletic superstars to participate. In fact, we thrive with kids of all levels. Improved balance, coordination, cardiovascular health and the strengthening of muscles and bones are all benefits found after spending time in our program.


By no means are Ninja Zone classes like going into the military, but your child will find a certain level of discipline while also enjoying the program. For instance, if your youngster needs work on listening, taking turns or sticking to new challenges, joining us may be the ticket to improvement in those areas.

Don’t let summer pass by with video games and ice cream. OK, some ice cream is good. But you can help your child have fun and be productive this summer at Ninja Zone.

Don’t let summer pass by with video games and ice cream. OK, some ice cream is good. But you can help your child have fun and be productive this summer at NinjaZone. Teach your child what more than 80,000 kids have found at our 250+ locations. You can have fun, be healthy and learn all at the same time. Find a Ninja Zone location near you and make the most of your summer!


Building A Successful Summer Break For Kids


It’s easy for kids in the summer to sleep all day, lounge around and stay glued to their devices. No learning. Nothing productive. Ideally, you can keep your child active and developing in the summer but making sure he or she has fun at the same time. Here are some strategies for building a successful summer break for your kids:

Make Nutrition A Priority
Summer is a great time to cut out the junk food. Community gardens are thriving and it’s easy to get them involved with a garden at home as well. The relaxed schedule allows them to help in the kitchen a little more and have some fun at the same time.

A Picture Perfect Summer
Sunshine and vacations make for great photos, and kids enjoy having their picture taken now more than ever. Taking great photos and making a photo album, collage or having some fun photo editing can get your children engaged in the summer’s activities and provide a worthwhile project.

Get Out And About
Everyone needs exercise! Taking a scenic hike, getting out on a bike or playing in the park provides some level of structure, fun and quality exercise. When taking your children out, it also allows mom and dad to leave the daily hustle behind.

Strengthen Your Imagination
We all remember playing house as children, and fostering imagination in children will never go out of style. Playing imagination games while being active or acting out their favorite stories can be fun and physical activities that support creativity.

Learning New Skills While Being Active
A perfect summer for children is sunshine, activities and development that is easy on mom and dad. Particularly if both parents work during the summer, there’s a need for activities to instill new lessons to be used in the future and for your children’s energy to be focused into positivity.

At NinjaZone, 80,000 children have found a place that helps build creativity, physical fitness, confidence and discipline – all while having fun!

NinjaZone offers constructive programs to keep your child growing mentally, physically and emotionally during the dog days of summer. Our programs foster development, channel positive energy and instill confidence in kids that they can carry into the next school year.

NinjaZone combines the coordination, creativity and balance of gymnastics with strength and agility attributes to create programs for all ages and skill levels. From Baby Ninjas (walkers to age 3) all the way to our Ninjas at age 11, your child cannot only be productive but also have fun!


Don’t Let Your Kids Stop Learning During Summer

Summer is a great time to relax and have fun, especially for children who just finished a school year. And if you’re not careful, that’s all they’ll do. Now that today’s kids are flush with devices, it’s easy to fall behind in an area that parents need to pay attention to: summer learning.

For preschoolers and school-aged children alike, it’s about new mental and physical skills and goal-setting. These not only prepare children for school success, but also for better interactions at home. What goals are you setting for children during the summer? What new skills can they learn before school starts again in the fall?

Development is particularly important to children in transition, either to a higher age group with new expectations or to a new school with changing experiences altogether.

Academic Learning
There are many summer reading programs and children can also find time to study things that interest them. As summer winds down, parents should begin talking about the upcoming school environment and maybe even start introducing some topics they may see in the new school year.

At-Home Development
Summer is a great time to take ownership, such as caring for their own items, doing chores and working on complex, multi-step tasks.

But while it’s important to keep learning and honing skills during the summer, it is, after all, summer! Kids need to time to be kids, but that doesn’t mean going development don’t have to stand opposite each other. You support their fun times and get in that much-needed learning at the same time.

Best of Both Worlds at Ninja Zone
Development and fun go hand in hand at NinjaZone. With more than 275 locations nationwide, NinjaZone provides programs where children of all ages and skill levels can pick up new skills, become more confident, get valuable exercise all while having fun with friends.

NinjaZone combines the coordination, creativity and balance of gymnastics with strength and agility attributes to create programs for all ages and skill levels. From Baby Ninjas (walkers to age 3) all the way to our Ninjas at age 11, your child will learn and develop while channeling that summer energy into fun!

Sign up for NinjaZone today to find out how 80,000+ ninjas already know and make the most of your summer.